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8888644232 is a Toll-free phone number from United States.

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Information about 8888644232

Area code: 888

Phone type: Toll-free

Area: United States

National format: (888) 864-4232, 888.864.4232, 888-864-4232

International format: +1 888-864-4232, +18888644232

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Sweepstakes, fictitious prizes
**** him
Debt collection
Just got a call from 7135812543. same situation, she told me that I needed to appear in court but that she was not able to provide much information that I needed to call 1-888-864-4232 and gave me my case number. I feel bad for people that gets into this and give their money, please dont call or give anything to these rats.
Debt collection
Call saying that I had deth and they had a police to deliver me with Cort papers .or I had to pay this today .IGive them my card #and them when I got to a computer I looked it up and it was a fard.I called cancelled my cards and report them to the BBA.
This is a scam trying to get money.
Debt collection
They called my mother and said that they had papers to serve me i haven't got served yet. It's a scam. Don't give them any information.
Debt collection
These people had a messenger call me from 516-218-7434, to tell me I had a court summons. I asked if they could tell me any info such as what it was for? , why they were calling etc. They couldn't rely any other information. They gave me a case # & phone number 888-864-4232 to another company called hartman becker & associates. Told me they were trying to give me documents they needed to serve me with. They have all my information. I contacted credit bureau & my bank.
This is exactly what happened to me they had a different last name and I told them that wasn't me they then used my actual last name when I confronted them about why they had the other name at all they hung up on me. We didn't even get to the confirming info stage. and if I try to call them back it goes straight to voicemail
I have gotten the same call from the same person. I reported them to fraud.org. If they call again I will inform them of my rights and let them know that if and when I get the information I need, I will press charges to the fullest extent of the law if I ever hear them call me again.
Debt collection
Told me I would be served with a summons and told me they have tried several times to serve me with documents but nobody ever came.
Debt collection
told me I would be served with papers. said i took out payday loan on dec 22. had my drivers license #, soc sec #, home address.
Caller told my mother-in-law she had documents for me. When my mother-in-law asked why they didn't call me, the woman - called "Emma Allen" - was very vague and said they couldn't get my number.
Debt collection
Same thing happened to me, except I wouldn't give them my social security number so they wouldn't give me any information. Said I would be served with a civil summons tomorrow, they have tried several times to serve me but nobody was home. I am a stay at home mom and there is ALWAYS someone at my house. I googled Hartman, Becker & Associates while talking to them and asked why it wasn't a real company.... nothing on google.