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Who is the owner of (866) 806-0591?

8668060591 is a Toll-free phone number from United States.

  • 6 × Undisclosed identity
  • 4 × Debt collection
  • 2 × Harassment, dirty talk
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Have you been called by (866) 806-0591 or did you get a SMS or Fax from this phone number?

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Information about 8668060591

Area code: 866

Phone type: Toll-free

Area: United States

National format: (866) 806-0591, 866.806.0591, 866-806-0591

International format: +1 866-806-0591, +18668060591

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Undisclosed identity
They are just harassment period. Apparently bought a small debt that I paid off around 12 years ago. Threatened, told good luck with the judge, etc. Think you will send them money if they can scare you.
Undisclosed identity
Left a voice message on my machine saying that he didn't if that matter was solved but if I didn't call back that he would proceed with a summons. He didn't leave his name or the company name.
caller informed me i was going to be issued a summons and have to appear in court. but that the matter could be settled out of court. the caller would not give me their full name, nor did the caller know any of my personal information. they could not even tell me what my address was. duhhhh
Debt collection
Threatened me with civil suit if I didn't pay on alleged debt from 2009
Harassment, dirty talk
When i called it back a rude lady answered asked me my number i said you answered my call you obviously have it.then she told me to put my girl pants and call her back when im grown .i hung up on her she called right back sying shes from IRS i said what,does that mean
Undisclosed identity
Said they got a fax informing them to call me and notify that they need to serve me at my place of residence or employment. If I have questions, call back.
This is a SCAM. It is NOT a legitimate debt collector or related to any actual legal matter. Plus, if you were actually being served it would be by a local law enforcement agency/local court, etc. and not from some random 800 number. Plus, if you are being served you do not get an option as to where. It does not work like that. THIS IS A SCAM.
It is an automated call, placed to random phone numbers, and is not based on facts. They bait people with a realistic sounding and alarming voicemail hoping someone will call back. If they believe the scammers, the are likely to divulge personal information, and the rest is history. Do not believe this scam. The voicemail says this, ""hi this is chris collins contacting you in regards to a fax i received this morning requesting that i do serve you a summons in regards to an issue went to your name and social security number they are requesting that we do serve you either at the place of employment or your residence if you wish to cooperate you have any questions or concerns prior to the service date you can contact the filing party they can be reached at 866 806 0 591 please be advised if i do not hear back from the filing party i'm assuming the matter has not been resolved and i'm to move forward with the service date once again if you have any questions or concerns prior to me serving you a summons please contact the filing party at 866-806-0591 good luck"

Refer to this page as well for proof from other individuals that have receive the call: /1-866-806-0591">800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-866-806-0591
Debt collection
This is a debt collector that buys old debt that is considered uncollectable. They use this scare tactic to try and have you call them back asking what its all about. Its illegal to do that by the way. When they confirm who you are? They can reopen the past statue of limitation timeline and they know it. A lot of debt collectors flourished during the recession. Now they have very few clients delinquency's to call upon. So they buy up bulks of debt and attempt to collect them in any way they can. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM. ITS A TOTAL SCAM.
I started to panic. Thank goodness for the comments here. I do have debt, but I pay all my bills on time. Scary.
Debt collection
When I said I will wait on the summons...I was immediately called a loser and hung up on...and I do not owe debt
They left a message on my phone on Jan, 22, also,, but didn't say who the message was for,, talk about a summons also,, I don't know what to do,,
Undisclosed identity
Harassing and threatening. Calls a few times a week. Totally a scam.