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Who is the owner of (352) 405-0022?

3524050022 is a Landline or mobile phone number from Florida, United States.

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Have you been called by (352) 405-0022 or did you get a SMS or Fax from this phone number?

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Information about 3524050022

Area code: 352

Phone type: Landline or mobile

Area: Florida, United States

National format: (352) 405-0022, 352.405.0022, 352-405-0022

International format: +1 352-405-0022, +13524050022

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Trustworthy number
Not sure what the fuss is about?

Yea, I got the text and phone cal too......

Did you know that they are former VA medical officers? They are doing my claim now - highly impressed
Wait until they get your SSN and then ask you for upfront money to cover the medical costs. BEWARE!!
Called to help me with VA benefits. No fees unless they win and then it's very reasonable. I've been fighting for years and losing! Nice to have some help
They are stating they can help you with Lifestyle Impact Claim if you are a veteran who has a disability. The person who spoke to me sounded very young and unprofessional. The call as a whole didnt feel right at all. Went to the VA website to see what is said about a Lifestyle Impact Claim.. There is no such thing. Called the VA to get more information and to find out how this company gained access to my information. This company is a total scam. They are the worst people in the world trying to rip off Veterans. Report them to the Better Business Bureau.
called said his name was Dean and worked for Medical Consulting and they represent veterans who can potentially receive 50% higher claims. I see this is not the same name as the company provided to another person receiving calls/texts. Scam.
It is Vet Comp and pen, they are a medical consulting company that helps veterans. I am in the process of getting assistance. I do not think it is a scam.
Was unsure about the text, but after calling communicating with the company I found out they are trying to help veterans with there disability compensation.
Undisclosed identity
Recieved a SMS message regarding a potential VA Claim. I text back asking for the identity and was only told I needed to act fast for a potential $120,000 - $500,000 claim. I wrote back again, saying it was a scam, and haven't heard back. Weird, right? lol
They are not a scam, if you are a veteran, I would suggest looking in to them. www.vetcompandpen.com
Undisclosed identity
Same as the others- Veteran Xxxxxxxx, I have not heard back from the emails I sent on the VA Lifestyle Impact Claim worth 30 to 70% all by itself
check into the company, www.vetcompandpen.com
Undisclosed identity
Veteran Xxxxxxxx, I have not heard back from the emails I sent on the VA Lifestyle Impact Claim worth 30 to 70% all by itself
Undisclosed identity
Exact same text as others mentioned. I replied with a text message back. No response. I called the number and a young man named Matthew answered. Said he was with VetCopmandPen.com and that I had been referred to their organization. I asked who referred me and the best he could come up with is one of my fellow veterans and/or DAV, American Legion, etc. I explained I don't need help with any claim I have or had with the VA. He wanted to give me his pitch on why vets need them. "VSO's are equal to a public defender regarding the representation you will receive. We are mor epasionate about helping the vets and only get paid if after we look at your file(s) and decide we can have the VA award you more for your injuries/disabilities. If we fail then it is no cost to you. And we don't always take a case after reviewing ones files." That was a 10 minute pitch summarized.

I personally never have and never will give permission to have my name, number, and VA information outsourced for help with any claim I may have. And I know out of the veterans I do know none of them referred me to them. And I doubt the VSO helping me and the agency he is associated with handed out my information. There is a website but no information about where they are located, who's in charge. My opinion is that this is a bogus attempt to do who knows what with veterans identity.
Undisclosed identity
Text was... "Veteran Holmes, I have not heard back from the emails I have sent on the VA Lifestyle Impact Claim worth 30 to 70% all by itself"