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Phone scams? Unwanted calls?

Did you receive a call from an unknown person? Would you like to know who called you or want to report a phone number that harasses you? is a free phone abuse report service that helps you identify and report phone scammers, spammers and other fraudulent phone calls.

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Latest reviews:

(866) 958-5850
Undisclosed identity
United States
(833) 397-3728
Harassment, dirty talk
Called me SIX times in a row at midnight about my Expedia booking. It was clear from the beginning it was a scam, they needed my “billing info” only. Didn’t even have my name.
United States
(332) 223-4697
Wanted to sell me solar energy
New York, NY, United States
(315) 284-3224
Cost trap
Calls randomly 2nd number from adams ny already - probably fake apple calls
New York, United States
(608) 819-7658
Fax number
Madison, WI, United States
1 (787) 655-9046
Undisclosed identity
(424) 295-6888
Undisclosed identity
was a text with a Snapchat code
California, United States
(320) 566-4716
Trustworthy number
well, this is an inteeresting one. got a call from this number saying that they are from Steam support and that my account data has been breached. after changing my password, they thanked me for my patience and hung up. even if it was a scam they still cant log in to my account, because it has mobile auth enabled.
Minnesota, United States
(800) 931-3711
Debt collection
United States
(508) 905-0512
Another Auto Warranty Caller!! Same company calls a dozen times a week, using different numbers! How they get new numbers faster than I can block their last call is beyond me!!!
Massachusetts, United States

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