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Phone scams? Unwanted calls?

Did you receive a call from an unknown person? Would you like to know who called you or want to report a phone number that harasses you? is a free phone abuse report service that helps you identify and report phone scammers, spammers and other fraudulent phone calls.

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Latest reviews:

(800) 560-6169
Cost trap
United States
(978) 435-0163
the person who owns this number is a missing man, no one knows what happened to him, it will not pick up but you will hear him sobbing and hear a very non-human shriek at a long pause.
Massachusetts, United States
(443) 733-4009
Undisclosed identity
This is the second time this number would call me and cut by any attempt to pick for response.
Something is fishy about that number
Maryland, United States
(615) 208-0765
Trustworthy number
Trustworthy caller.
Tennessee, United States
(804) 528-1402
Undisclosed identity
Virginia, United States
(412) 626-5937
Undisclosed identity
Reports dating back to 2016. Caller ID said "NEW PARTNERS T" (New Partners is apparently a telemarketer in the DC area). Caller hung up after 4 rings (suggesting they either got another chump on the line or my call blocker is working). Looked up the number and there are complaints dating back at least 5 years about this number!
Pennsylvania, United States
(888) 679-4081
Undisclosed identity
United States
(479) 495-0064
Harassment, dirty talk
And lewd photos.
Danville, AR, United States
(801) 312-9441
Harassment, dirty talk
Threaten to kill me and my fam.
Utah, United States
(469) 933-1316
Aggressive advertising
No reason to even contact me
Texas, United States

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